Displaying trajectories for the masses

How would you distribute windy trajectories during weather briefings at balloon events? You did save the result as GPX file. And now what?

Paper: meh. Display screenshot on projector? confusing spaghetti. Post a KML or GPX file on a whatsapp group? hardly anybody could open such files on their mobiles and pads.

Pretty easy with GPSVisualizer:

  • upload the GPX file so it is Internet-accessible and note its URL (e.g. as a WordPress media file – here’s an example GPX file for you to play with)
  • goto GPSVisualizer.com and paste the URL of the GPX file into the “Send a file to The Atlas” field:
GPSVisualizer Atlas page
  • hit the “map it” button – you should see something like this:

That’s thew view you’d want to distribute – people can pan and zoom around, and select/deselect heights and models in the trajectory set.

To create a URL for this view:

  • Click the blue “Link to this view” field at the right bottom:
Generating a public URL with GPSVisualizer Atlas

And here is the URL which you can post online – displaying the above map.

Edit: There is currently a minor bug in the GPSvisualizer web service – uploaded tracks vanish after a certain time, and the message ‘File … contains no usable data’ is displayed.

To work around this issue, add ?cache=0 to the Atlas link like so.

Author: mhaberler

nethead emeritus